A Case for Imagination

Big Thought believes the opportunity gap will only be solved by bringing the right opportunities to the kids who need them most. We believe the right opportunities – the ones with the power to transform young lives – all have one thing in common: they ignite the imagination. Here’s why:

Igniting the imagination unleashes human potential. 

When we use our imagination, we tap into our full creative and intellectual potential. Think of an engaged imagination as the prerequisite or gateway to every important 21st century skill: empathy, leadership, creativity and critical thinking. Any learning opportunity that fails to ignite a young imagination isn’t an effective opportunity, period.

Imagination breeds grit. 

An engaged imagination turns on grit, the stick-with-it-ness that is a proven predictor of future success. A wholly engaged young person stays invested in their own learning outcomes. And later, their own life outcomes.

An ignited imagination recharts the future. 

In fact, an ignited imagination is the most powerful tool we can give a young person. Engaging the imagination builds confidence in their abilities, and voice, ultimately equipping them to chart their own course in life.

Big ThoughtA Case for Imagination