Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy


To maintain a culture of equity and inclusion focused on optimizing the rich diversity present in our workforce and workplace.


To be intention in creating space for diverse perspectives and styles in the implementation and execution of the strategy of Big Thought.


  1. Review Big Thought Strategic Plan to integrate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion throughout.
  2. Provide mandatory education and training
    1. Re-initiate goal and performance assessments for accountability.
    2. Identify staff development opportunities.
    3. Provide training on harassment in the workplace.
  3. Review policies and procedures to ensure compliance.
  4. Review recruitment and hiring processes
    1. Increase Big Thought job postings to diverse organizations
    2. Intentionally recruit from diverse educational institutions
    3. Enhance interviewing process to include cross departmental specialists
  5. Enhance new hire orientation program to align to Big Thought vision and mission.
  6. Enhance employee participation in community involvement.