Big Thought CEO and President Byron Sanders Named to The University of Tulsa Board of Trustees

We’re pleased to announce that Big Thought President and CEO Byron Sanders has been appointed to The University of Tulsa’s Board of Trustees, which is responsible for outlining the university’s long-term goals, guiding its strategic plan and helping ensure operational excellence. 

Byron graduated from The University of Tulsa in 2006 with a BSBA in marketing. During his time there, he served as the president of the TU Student Association and as a University Ambassador. Over the years, Byron’s passion for The University of Tulsa has continued to play an important role in his life. In 2021, The University of Tulsa announced the creation of its Black Alumni Leadership Council, and Byron is among the 13 members.

Byron hopes to contribute to the university by bringing a focus on creativity, innovation and equity. Part of this objective is to help shape what higher education looks like in the coming decades to help students build the right skills to become creators for a world that is dynamically shifting. He looks forward to working with the Board of Trustees to evolve how we frame students’ educational journeys to better match expectations of today’s global economy. 

He is honored to become a member of the Board of Trustees because The University of Tulsa was a space where he was able to establish and frame his own purpose, where he was able to grow both academically and personally. He credits his time at the university with guiding him toward a purpose-driven career.

“The University of Tulsa was a healing and growing space for me, and my biggest life lessons started on that campus,” Byron said. “The university’s administration, professors and my fellow students saw that I had something worth investing in and I walked away from that experience with new breath in my lungs. It’s where I learned that every gift is a responsibility, and I’m excited to have this opportunity to meaningfully contribute to a place that truly invested in me.”  

Byron will contribute his education experience leading Big Thought to this role. As the President and CEO of Big Thought, he and his team explore innovative ways to narrow the opportunity gap. He believes it’s our charge to shape society so young people have the chance to live the innate greatness that’s inside of them.


Big Thought is an impact education nonprofit that closes the opportunity gap by championing the creators of tomorrow through youth programs, learning communities, and advocacy. We believe all youth should be empowered to imagine and design a more equitable and innovative future. We equip learners with the space, tools and skills to think of new ways to approach challenges, make connections, and solve problems. Driven by its mission to make imagination a part of everyday learning, Big Thought has become a national model in arts education, out of school time systems, summer learning and juvenile justice intervention.

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