Dallas City of Learning

Dallas City of Learning (DCoL) fills this gap by connecting youth with low- and no-cost learning experiences that cultivate creativity, build social and emotional skills and boost academic achievement.

The program is youth driven — students choose from an array of digital and in-person activities throughout the city that spark their interests and feed their curiosity. By recognizing that learning happens all the time across many different spaces (parks, museums, rec centers, libraries, churches and online to name a few), Dallas City of Learning creates a citywide network of out of school learning experiences that help students discover new interests, develop skill and create pathways to future success.

Dallas City of Learning is a public-private partnership that ensures all students have access to quality out of school time learning experiences that build social and emotional skills and increase academic achievement. The lead partners in the partnership are the City of Dallas, Dallas Independent School District and Big Thought.

Who We Serve

Young people of all ages in the city of Dallas, especially those living in areas with little or no enrichment activities.

Who We Are

Dallas City of Learning is a broad public-private partnership led by the Dallas Mayor’s Office, Dallas Independent School District and managed by Big Thought. The DCoL ecosystem engages more than 600 partner organizations including:

  • city agencies
  • local school districts
  • businesses
  • universities
  • education, arts, cultural and youth organizations
  • foundations

Check out all of the amazing Dallas City of Learning partner organizations.

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How We Do It

  • Bringing together Dallas’ out-of-school learning resources to help students pursue their individual interests, develop knowledge and skills and become lifelong learners
  • Creating and maintaining a robust program discovery website that includes a comprehensive inventory of programs throughout Dallas in summer and year-round
  • Breaking down barriers to access by addressing program deserts as well as improving access to technology resources across the city
  • Making connected learning principles the backbone of our endeavor to allow deeper student engagement
  • Fostering innovation and creating a culture that values all learning by encouraging and tracking informal learning wherever it happens
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