DCOL Data Sharing Interest Form

Big Thought and Southern Methodist University Center of Research and Evaluation (CORE) will collect program details, participant information and feedback from Dallas City of Learning (DCOL) partners for Summer 2018.  The goal is to provide partners with a clear snapshot of the information coming from their programs and the (DCOL) system overall.  If your organization is interested in being a part of the data collection, please click on the sections below you are willing and able to complete for Summer 2018.  In Fall 2018, Big Thought and CORE will provide back an organizational data report based on the information your organization provided.  Please note, the more information your organization provides, the more detailed of a report you will receive.

If you have questions about a section, please email [email protected]

List your organization’s programs for Summer 2018 on the DCOL website.

Student Rostering
Using a provided template, your organization will supply a roster for applicable program, including:

  • Dallas ISD Student ID# and/or 2017-18 school
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • DOB
  • # of Days Attended in Program

Program Feedback
Big Thought and/or CORE staff will visit your program site(s) to administer the following:

  • Student survey
  • Staff survey
  • Caregiver/Parent survey

Program Observations
Big Thought and/or CORE staff will visit your program site(s) to observe:

  • A sample of program/classrooms using the 6 Dimensions of Quality (6DQ) tool

Big Thought staff will contact you before May 1, 2018 to confirm that you will be included in the data collection for Summer 2018.

Big ThoughtDCOL Data Sharing Interest Form