Young people have bright infinite possibilities when given opportunity. Providing equitable learning experiences for youth after school and in the summer has been the focus of Big Thought since our inception.

We believe youth voice is a powerful tool to shape and change our world. Big Thought is developing an inaugural youth advisory council to develop young people into future leaders.  Through this initiative, youth will be connected with board members, volunteers, organization advocates and other teens in order to lend their powerful voice towards shaping the out-of-school programming agenda for our community.  They will also be given the change to volunteer through many community based summer programs across the city.

Council members will address the following questions:

  • What is relevant for young people?
  • What do they need to succeed in school or in a future career?
  • How do they see themselves making a difference in their life or in the world?


Components of the Youth Advisory Council

Youth Voice (Feedback)

  • The Youth Advisory Council members will be assigned to Program Committee members, based on their assigned program.
  • Based on the type of programming, the committee member will determine the best way to receive feedback from their assigned Youth Advisory Council member(s) (i.e. site visits, survey, meetings, digital or online).
  • YAC members will have an opportunity to meet the entire Program Committee and Program staff.

Service to Others (Volunteering)

  • The Youth Advisory Council members be encouraged to volunteer with Big Thought throughout the year.

Get Work Done! (Summer Shadowing)

  • Youth Advisory Council members can shadow assigned Program Committee or staff members to committee meetings and staff to site level work.
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