Dallas City of Learning Partners: Dallas Zoo

Established: Dallas Zoo was established in 1888 with two deer and two mountain lions in the collection.

About: For more than a century, the Dallas Zoo stood as an example of wildlife conservation and an inspiring place to develop a passion for nature. Many changes throughout the years transformed the Zoo from a small pen for animals in City Park and then in Fair Park, to a prosperous, sprawling nature and wildlife preserve that today commands prime real estate in Oak Cliff. The Dallas Zoo has been named one of the Top 10 zoos in the United States by USA Today and honored as one of 119 U.S. zoos to achieve continuous accreditation for more than 25 years by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums.

Why is Summer Learning so Important?

“Summer learning is vital to all our participants because it is has them doing hands on, real-life skills, and experiences,” says Shannon Linton, Youth Learning Supervisor, Dallas Zoo. “They are able to take these skills back to the classroom in September and use them throughout their school career.”

Why Partner with Dallas City of Learning?

“City of Learning works with the Dallas Zoo to provide additional STEM education and conservation opportunities for students throughout Dallas,” says Linton. “Through this partnership the Zoo is able to expand its audience focus and increase experiences.”

How Does Your Participation in Dallas City of Learning Benefit Dallas Zoo Kids?

“By participating in City of Learning, our campers, volunteers, and visitors are able to connect to more opportunities within the Zoo and other education spots in Dallas,” says Linton. “They are able to log onto the site, and discover new badges and experiences to expand their learning curiosity.”

What is Your Vision and Passion for the Future of Education?

“The vision and passion for the future of education is to create lifelong conservationist and environmental stewards in every student,” says Linton.

— Mario Tarradell

Photo by Mario Tarradell/Big Thought