Dallas City of Learning Partners: Frazier Revitalization

Established: 2005 in Dallas, as an independent 501(c)3 organization. 

About: To revitalize is to improve from the inside out. So Frazier Revitalization recognizes that all-encompassing improvements do include acquisition and development of real estate, but also planning and building activities that address social equity and environmental conservation. Frazier works closely with neighborhood leaders and associations, crime watch groups, the police department, neighborhood schools, non-profit development corporations and faith based organizations to share resources, to cooperate and coordinate at every level. The Frazier goals: renewed civic engagement, improved educational opportunities, family health and social well-being, law enforcement and crime prevention programs, economic development and job creation. 

Why is summer learning so important?

“Summer learning is so important because it helps to keep our kids focused on education,” says Tabatha Allen, Frazier Revitalization Office Manager. “Without summer learning opportunities, kids would return to school behind or lacking the knowledge needed to face new challenges and objectives at the next grade level. In addition to academic enrichment, summer learning provides continued structure for youth who would otherwise have nothing to do during the summer and it helps to remind kids that learning never stops. Access to quality summer learning programs provides an opportunity for kids to interact with people outside of their neighborhoods. I like to think of summer learning as a vehicle of exposure to people, places, and possibilities that otherwise
would not be available to the kids and families we serve.”

Why partner with Dallas City of Learning?

“Partnering with Dallas City of Learning opens up many windows of opportunities for our kids,” says Allen. “In the role of community quarterback, Frazier Revitalization coordinates and guides the activities of residents, service providers, government agencies, businesses, and philanthropists who share a mission of revitalizing neighborhoods. Frazier Revitalization believes in collaboration as the means by which families can access quality out-of-school-time educational opportunities for their children. Our partnership with Dallas City of Learning helps to strengthen relationships and gives kids and their families the tools they need to thrive. “ 

How does your participation in Dallas City of Learning benefit Frazier kids?

“Our participation in Dallas City of Learning is exposing our scholars to engaging robotics programs, radio and TV production, as well as enhancing their reading comprehension skills,” says KD Brown, Program Manager, Frazier Revitalization. “In addition to reducing ‘summer slide,’ the scholars will be able to envision careers that were previously foreign to them. Through our partnership with DCoL, the summer learning program is developing life-long learners.” 

What is your vision and passion for the future of education?

“My vision and passion for the future is a learning environment that not only engages all students in developing academic proficiency to master mathematics and language arts skills assessments, but also encourages them to become creative thinkers; an environment where parents and teachers work together as partners,” says Brown. “Education should focus on differentiated learning that meets each child where they are and takes them on an exciting learning adventure to where they should be.”

— Mario Tarradell