Dallas City of Learning Partners: Lakewest Family YMCA

Established: 2000 in Dallas

About: Lakewest Family YMCA was born through a unique partnership between the YMCA and the Dallas Housing Authority in an effort to provide a community center in the heart of West Dallas. Today, through a collaboration with Head Start of Greater Dallas, Dallas Police Department and Parkland’s Women’s Clinic, Lakewest YMCA members enjoy health and wellness classes as well as more than 20 programs for youth, adults and teens.

Why is Summer Learning so Important?

“Summer learning is important because over the course of the two months that the teens are not in school statistics show that they lose 2.6 months of math skills, one month of overall learning, and two months of reading skills, and have to spend the beginning of the school year re-learning things that they have forgotten,” says JaMonica Washington, Youth Development Director, Lakewest Family YMCA. “It is important that we keep their minds going and retaining new information that will help them in the upcoming school year.”

Why Partner with Dallas City of Learning?

“Partnering with Dallas City of Learning enables us to reach a wider audience,” says Washington, “and helps the teens find different things that may interest them from a variety of different activities.”

How Does Your Participation In Dallas City Of Learning Benefit Lakewest YMCA Kids?

“It enhances not only the quality of our program but the vision that we have for the teens,” says Washington. “Our teens have the unique opportunity to receive credit for completing such an incredible program.”

What is Your Vision and Passion for the Future of Education?

“The vision that I have for the future of education is a better quality of education that can benefit all the students through different learning styles as well as giving equal opportunities for obtaining a quality education”

— Mario Tarradell