Meet Chris: Youth Development Correspondent

We are excited to introduce a new series on the Big Thought blog from the perspective of an alumnus from our youth development programs. Chris has been participating in Creative Solutions for several years, helped create a new online platform for youth voice called We the Person, served as an AmeriCorps intern during the summer, and was part of the inaugural Artivism performing arts show this past year. Stay tuned for more of his articles in the future, and get to know him better in this first post…

I’ve been an artist since I was born. I was always that kid in elementary school off to the side drawing something instead of doing my work. I started sketching higher quality art when I moved on to the 6th grade and also started doing origami and selling it for some change.

For me, drawing was never enough. My performing potential first started to show at the age of 13. Of course, I was standoffish and reserved in the beginning of my creative lifestyle, but that went away over the course of a year or so thanks to the collective acceptance and support from the audience.

My first on-stage experience was at Southern Methodist University during the summer which paved the road to at least 10 more stage performances. Once you set foot on stage, you become the center of attention. What we do with that attention defines who we are.

Big ThoughtMeet Chris: Youth Development Correspondent