New Brand Look Book Brings Out Your Inner Child

By Mario Tarradell, Public Relations & Marketing Manager

Kids and confetti. Kids and guitars. Kids and toy dinosaurs. Kids and lab beakers. What’s not to like about Big Thought’s new brand Look Book?

The colorful, brightly arranged Look Book is a visual manifestation of our enthusiasm and commitment to closing the opportunity gap. It’s vividly summarized right at the beginning of the 30-page book: “Big Thought brings relentless optimism, innovation and imagination to the biggest problem facing education today: the opportunity gap.”

Dig further and you’ll find engaging summaries of our programs and initiatives – Creative Solutions, Dallas City of Learning, DaVerse, Learning Partners, Library Live!, Thriving Minds – featuring plenty of facts and figures detailing the importance of giving children the opportunity to excel through programs that empower their potential to learn. Also, our services, including program consulting and custom curriculum, public speaking and policy advising, bring our expertise to a variety of audiences. The Look Book also serves as our annual report, providing fiscal year 2014-2015 figures as well as a comprehensive list of our donors.

But it’s all about the kids. You’ll delight in the array of great photos of real kids from our programs being, well, kids. They explore, they experiment and they exclaim with laughter. Those pictures will bring out the inner child in you. You’ll want to strap on a guitar and eagerly eye a counter full of lab beakers.

We offer our sincere thanks and eternal gratitude to Stacey Marsh and the Fossil Foundation, as well as our Big Thought Board Members Melora Leiser, Larry H. Whitt and Randee Paur Hefflefinger, for their devoted work during Big Thought’s rebranding journey.

Big ThoughtNew Brand Look Book Brings Out Your Inner Child