The New Market for Expression and How Big Thought’s Creator Archetype Plays a Role

In a recent article for Forbes, Tom Vander Ark, the CEO of Getting Smart and an advocate for innovations in learning, explored the importance of human expression and how things like blockchain, cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can provide young people with new outlets for creativity.

“We can no longer teach the expressive arts,” he wrote, “without introducing new modes of expression, new market platforms, and new business models with the opportunity to make a career in the arts sustainable.”

Vander Ark pointed to Big Thought’s Creator Archetype as a forward-thinking, integrated approach to helping youth pursue sustainable careers and create their best lives and world. The five key components of our Creator Archetype — Social & Emotional Foundation, Academics & Artistry, Digital Fluency, Design Thinking  and Civics & Service — outline the skills, competencies and experiences that empower youth in today’s world.

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