One Line Wonders Deliver Beauties at DaVerse Lounge

By Mario Tarradell, Public Relations & Marketing Manager

In music, there’s the one hit wonder. That would be the singer or band that emerges with one huge song that makes a potent splash at radio and retail, then never scores another hit again.

In poetry, we have one line wonders. But in this arena we know these spoken word marvels will definitely be back for more. Their greatness is just developing.

So many promising poets took their turns at the microphone Friday night, Feb. 5, 2016 during the third DaVerse Lounge show of the 11th season. The event at Life in Deep Ellum drew about 575 students, parents, friends, teaching artists and guests.

Fueled by the constant enthusiasm of host and DaVerse Lounge creator, Will Richey, and the excellent musicianship of Melody Memory and its leader Alejandro Perez, Jr, this DaVerse gig was filled with impressive and intelligently thoughtful lines that made us think.

Reflect on these beauties:

“My reputation is in relation to our representation”
— Right off the bat we got power. The first poem of the evening delivered these insightful words about race, and about how so many people slowly denigrate their own race.

“You know that guy you always ignored? I’m that guy”
— An ode to all the kids that ever felt invisible. Because in life sometimes you just have to speak out and be counted.

“Be inspired to let your voice be heard no matter how absurd”
— Done freestyle with a bit of a backbeat. The delivery just added more heft to the sentiment. Never be afraid to free your mind.

“His watchful eye is eternal”
— A most brooding line from a poem about fear. Can’t you just feel that intense focus beating down on you until you’re rendered defenseless?

“Ain’t no bad blood, just bad human nature”
— Preach! We should all heed these words to become better listeners, and better human beings.

“My stomach is constantly doing back flips like I’m in gymnastics”
— The effects of love, sometimes they aren’t all hearts and flowers.

“In this game of chess I must use every bishop, knight and pawn to defend my kingdom from collapsing”
— Self-preservation at its fiercest, and what awesome imagery while sensing the engulfing drama of a life-size chessboard.

“The darkness is contagious, and it spreads rapidly”
— The ugly underbelly of popularity. This is for anybody that still thinks being the belle of the ball deserves unadulterated envy.

“Playing a constant game of tug of war with my skin”
— Pleasures of the flesh? Or is it truly the internal turmoil that pulls at our very core?

“What’s wrong with my race? Explain to me the racism within my own race”
— Instead of banding together, we’re tearing each other apart. Brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters – when will it end?

“Usamos un solo apellido, pero mi nombre es Tobías Job Carbajal Fiocchetti Villalobos Arias; me parezco gringo”
— Written and read completely in Spanish, this brave poem examines the dualities, misconceptions and stereotypes of being Hispanic.

DaVerse Lounge and Big Thought thank TACA, State Farm and the Dallas Mavericks for the generous support.


Big ThoughtOne Line Wonders Deliver Beauties at DaVerse Lounge