Creative Solutions™

The Challenge

Once juveniles are convicted of a crime, the opportunity gap widens exponentially, making it even more difficult for youth to chart their own path.

The Solution

Creative Solutions is an arts-as-workforce intervention program for adjudicated and marginalized youth. We use visual, performing and digital arts to help young people tap into their inherent greatness by improving job skills, promoting a positive self-image and increasing social and emotional development. Creative Solutions uses a trauma-informed, results-driven model to promote lasting positive change in the youth served.


youth served each year


student learning hours


recidivism rate**

*2017/2018 Annual Report

**Recidivism is based on the number of youth who receive new referrals to the juvenile system up to 180 days after their date of enrollment into the contractor’s program.

The Importance of Trauma-Informed Methodology

There is a substantial body of research evidence to suggest that:

  • youth offenders have a disproportionate amount of childhood and adolescent trauma in their backgrounds
  • youth offenders are more likely than non-offenders to have suffered adverse impacts from traumatic experiences
  • the impacts of trauma can be linked to offending behaviors

Facts about youth impacted by trauma

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