Program Lead

Ysamar Teurel, Youth Development Specialist
[email protected]

Will Richey, Creator, DaVerse Lounge
[email protected]

DaVerse Lounge is supported by TACA, Dallas Mavericks, and State Farm.

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Daverse Lounge Schedule

Location: Life in Deep Ellum

Times: 7-10pm


•    October 11th •    November 15th •    December 13th •    February 28th •    March 27th •    April 24th

The Challenge

The lack of access to performing arts and other modes of self-expression, plus the absence of safe havens for creative exchanges, widens the opportunity gap for young people.

The Solution

In collaboration with Journeyman Ink, we use empathy and imagination to help middle and high school students find their voice through a tailored teaching curriculum, after-school clubs, workshops, and DaVerse Lounge spoken word events at Life in Deep Ellum.

Our Three-Tiered Approach

  1. Learn. We build a curriculum that teaches and develops students’ skills in the spoken word craft of their choosing (poetry, rap, song, performance, etc.).
  2. Practice. We provide ongoing instruction through after-school clubs and events.
  3. Perform. We provide a unique open-mic setting at DaVerse Lounge, including live music and art, to showcase their work throughout the year.
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