Learning Partners

Our Big Opportunity

Public school programming offers increasingly less exposure to hands-on real-world experiences outside of the classroom in the arts, humanities and sciences, further widening the opportunity gap.

Our Big Thought

We provide educators with access to thousands of imaginative, high-quality programs and field trips that can easily be planned with little cost to the schools.

Our Innovative Approach

  • We developed a user-friendly, online portal for educators to find programs or field trips that support their academic goals.
  • All programs are vetted for quality, including a listing of TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) for each educational experience.
  • The name changed from Arts Partners to Learning Partners in 2015 to reflect the expansion of field trips and on-campus programming to include arts, humanities and STEM learning.
  • We manage a grant distribution process to ensure funds are equitably distributed among students in the Dallas Independent School District.
  • The Learning Partners online catalog is also accessible to the public to utilize and book quality education experiences.
  • Learning Partners 2019-2020 Educator’s Guide

Our Reach
In the 2017-2018 academic year, Learning Partners reached


student learning hours




partner organizations

The four-year longitudinal study, Enriching Minds. Growing Our Future, 2005, found:

  • Arts Partners programs immediately help students become active learners
  • Students involved in Arts Partners have a positive attitude about school and demonstrate increased motivation
  • Arts Partners students place great emphasis on the power of ideas, word choice and personal expression.
  • 85% of instructors note that Arts Partners provides a climate that supports learning and the fostering of mutual respect between instructors and student
  • 68% of teachers surveyed use Learning Partners to complement or add to lesson plans
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