Question of the Season: What Are You Thankful For?

By Mario Tarradell, Public Relations & Marketing Manager

Thanksgiving is upon us, and that essentially means the year is on its way into the history books. So this is a great time to take stock, to reflect on the positives in our lives. It’s the season to be grateful.

What are you thankful for? We pose the question to you, our Big Thought supporter, donor, friend, teaching artist, student and parent. All of us at Big Thought wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday spent among loved ones. Great food on the menu doesn’t hurt, either.

So what are we thankful for? Below find expressions of gratitude from some of our Big Thought staff members.

Gobble! Gobble!

I am thankful for life, freedom, family and a place that I like to go to for work each and every day.
Kristina Dove, Program Manager, Partner Relations

I am thankful for spaghetti squash and persimmons being in season, and the power of a really good hug.
Leila Wright, Senior Program Manager

I am thankful for the love that I am surrounded with from friends and family.
Katelynn Dougan, Specialist, Corporate Development

Today I am thankful for special friends with beautiful hearts and spirits.
Maria Marwill-Magee, Special Projects Coordinator

I am grateful for each day and the love of family and friends.
Sally Hartman, Board Administrator 

I’m thankful to have the opportunity to be part of this great family that is Big Thought.
Jose Sosa, Manager, Communications

I am thankful that I am not a turkey.
Anne Leary, Major Gifts Officer

I am grateful for the breaths I take, for the beauty that surrounds me, for the melodies that fill my spirit, for delightful kinships along my life’s journey. For today to be of purpose in the universe, is my prayer of Thanksgiving.
Mary Hernandez, Community Engagement Specialist

I am thankful for my health and all of my family.
Maria Tafalla, Receptionist

I am grateful for the circle of life. The blessing of our new baby boy during the same year when we lost our two elderly next door neighbors 9 months apart from one another. I am also thankful that my mother in law beat cancer this year. That my father is healing well after his emergency quadruple bypass. And I am especially Grateful for all of those in our community who have embraced me and my wife and kids this year – and of course, our extended familia. I am thankful for family – by blood and by association. Our village is strong, no doubt.
Will Richey, Creator, DaVerse Lounge

I am thankful for family and friends who are near and far.
Shannon Linton, Operations Project Coordinator

Inhaled. Exhaled. How many times have I done that today? I am thankful for each breath of life.
Phyllis Walker, Senior Manager, Human Resources Operations

I am thankful for each and everyday I wake up. As with each morning the opportunity of life is at my door allowing me to live, laugh, and love until my heart’s content. Anything is possible! 
Sarah Matthews, Specialist, Development Operations

I am thankful for finding joy in the journey. 
Bill Wetsel, Senior Manager of Accounting



Big ThoughtQuestion of the Season: What Are You Thankful For?