How To Create a Summer Learning Plan

Chances are that whatever your student might be interested in, there is somewhere in Dallas this summer where they can go to do it! Dallas City of Learning is a citywide initiative to ensure all students have access to high-quality summer learning programs. We encourage you to sit down with your student this spring and create a summer learning plan.

What is a Summer Learning Plan?

A summer learning plan is simply a list of activities, events or programs that your student can participate in over the summer. You and your student can use our free worksheet to create a summer learning plan together. Click here to download.

Why Create a Summer Learning Plan?

Students who participate in learning and enrichment experiences over the summer see significantly more gains in reading and math scores during the school year versus those who do not.  

By discovering and developing their interests, young people can engage with what they are passionate about and can see how things they are interested in are connected to other activities and career paths.

What is Dallas City of Learning?

Dallas City of Learning lets you search through hundreds of free or low-cost summer programs, events and learning experiences that match your child’s interest in a single, easy-to-use website: DallasCityofLearning.org.

From robotics to zoology to workplace internships, Dallas City of Learning provides a wide variety of enriching opportunities for youth of all ages to find new interests, develop new skills, and increase their academic gains achieved during the school year. In other words, it’s a one-stop-shop for summer learning.

Additionally, all Dallas ISD students will be given a Dallas ISD Discover Summer Catalog that they can browse to find opportunities in their area. Visit www.dallasisd.org/summerlearning to learn more about summer opportunities within Dallas ISD.

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