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At Big Thought, we aspire to equip all youth in marginalized communities to imagine and create their best lives and world. Your support can make this mission a reality.


If empowering youth to close the opportunity gap speaks to your heart, there are many ways you can get involved with Big Thought.

Every single person has a unique set of skills and talents that can be used to better those around them. Your skills are needed too! Whether you can give a few hours, a few weeks or a few months, volunteering with Big Thought is flexible and fun.

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Big Thought exists with the generous support of our partners, employee contributions, community business donations, grants and individual supporters.

To help ignite imagination and cultivate dreams in more youth, we need everyone’s support. These funds will go directly towards helping young people maximize their potential. Please make a donation through our secure site. Every donation makes a difference and is tax deductible.

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Together, with our partners, supporters and participants, we
are able to give our youth access to transformational learning

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the work we do to close the opportunity gap.

Our Donors Make The Difference

Big Thought is grateful to the many individuals, foundations and corporations who make our work possible. This list is comprehensive of the donors who contributed to the organization in our last fiscal year (between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018).

Agnes Cluthe Oliver Foundation
Albertsons Safeway
Bank of America
Best Buy
Better Together Fund
Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts Advisory Board
Capital One
City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs
Communities Foundation of Texas
Cracked Open Online Learning LLC
Dallas County Juvenile Department
Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District
Embrey Family Foundation
Fannie and Stephen Kahn Charitable Foundation
Fossil Group, Inc.
George and Fay Young Foundation
Graham & Carolyn Holloway Family Foundation
Hattie Mae Lesley Foundation
Herbert H. and Barbara C. Dow Foundation
Hirsch Family Foundation
Independent Bank
Infinite Energy
James M. Collins Foundation

JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Liberty Mutual Foundation
Louise W. Kahn Endowment Fund
Maguire Oil Company
National Endowment for the Arts
Perkins-Prothro Foundation
Perot Foundation
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Rosewood Foundation
Sammons Corporation
TACA – The Arts Community Alliance
Target Corporation
Texas Commission on the Arts
Texas Women for the Arts
The Boone Family Foundation
The Craig & Kathryn Hall Foundation
The David M. Crowley Foundation
The Eugene McDermott Foundation
The Meadows Foundation
The M.R. & Evelyn Hudson Foundation
The Pollock Foundation
The Summerfield G. Roberts Foundation
The Wallace Foundation
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas
US Bank
WaterTower Theater

Steve and Carol Aaron
Ann Saegert and Bill Adams
Joseph Ajala
Bill and Purvi Albers
Hunter Allen
Jennifer and Peter Altabef
Cynthia Alvarez
Michael and Laura Alverson
Emeka Anyanwu
Nick Arthur
Sharon Balch
Stephanie Bays
Flauren and Jason Bender
Jonnice Berns
Kyle Beste
Jeremy Biggers
Stacy Blank
Mark Blaquiere
Christopher Botello
Sherry and Mark Boyd
Tynesia Boyea-Robinson
Eric Brewer
Ashley Briscoe
Debra Bunting
Laurel Hoitsma and Keith Buresh
Mary Burkhead
Terry Cagley
LeAnn Binford and Kim Campbell
Nathan Campbell
Donald Carkin
Carey and Donna Carter
Stephen and Terry Casey
Annabelle Catterall
Jennifer Chandler
Glenn Charles
Thom Chesney
Maura Conley
Tom and Serena Connelly
Sherri and Tom Cook
DeWitt and Alison Corrigan
Catherine Corrigan
Lisa Schmidt and Kelly Cotton
Jessie Cowan
Pam Watkins and Mike Crawford
Mike Crawford
Mary Anne Cree
Harlan and Kathy Crow
Brenna Curry
Quenesha Curry
Chris Smith and Rick Darlow
Manuela De Soisson
Phil and Sherry Dettle
Sofiya Deva
Kara DeVita
Stephen and Gillian Dixon
Jamika Doakes
Katelynn Dougan
Shaun and Kelly Dowling
Stephanie Drenka
LaChanda and Reggie Dupard
Braulio and Stefani Duran
Al and Sandy Ellis
Ike Enahoro
Carolyn Ennis
Tucker and Rich Enthoven
Laurie and Phil Evans
Steven Evans
Janiece and Mark Evans-Page
Ronald and Nancy Fellman
Melanie Ferguson
Ross and Lois Finkelman
Theresa Flores
Kate (Allison) and Matthew Flume
Cynthia Ford
Emily Robben and Eric Friend
Aimee Furness
Nastassia Galimba
Doris Ganslen
Melissa Garcia
Steven and Read Gendler
Amanda Gielow
Lisa Gill
Nicole Gill
Lisa Giuroiu
Nicholas Gleicher
Carol and Mark Goglia
Jeffrey Goodfred
Casey Green
William and Lisa Griffin
Sarah Hansen

Caren Hanson
Sally Hartman
Glenn Baldwin and George Haynes
Randee and Mark Hefflefinger
Michael Heinlen
Clayton Henry
Mary Hernandez
Ignacia Hernandez
Jason Higley
Ellen and Robert Hoffman
Annabel Hoffman
Seung Hong
Charles and Beth Hosch
Julia Hosch
John Hostetler
Cristina Huber
Keisha Hunter
Nissa Hurst
Solomon and Nancy Israel
Nicole Jacks
Sheila Jackson
John and Rusty Jaggers
Jennifer Jamieson-Mitchell
Katherine Johnson
Jeanette Johnson
Bryan and Lee Ann Jones
Nancy Perot and Rod Jones
John Kent
Karen Kerr
Diana Benitez and Karen King
Derek Kompare
Rachel and John Koryl
Aneesha Kudtarkar
Richard and Monica Latin
Anne Leary
Joyce Sanders and Bob Lebovitz
Melora and Bill Leiser
Nakia Lenoir-Paylor
Anne Logan
Alan and Sarah Losinger
Jeffrey Loura
Jack and Mary Lowe
Wayne Thompson and Deborah Lund
Aisha and Nicholas Lusk
Robert and Nancy Luxen
Judy Macha Newmann
Maria Marwill-Magee and Anthony Magee
Jessica and Dylan Malek
Carolyn Marco
Rene Martinez
Harry and Cora Mason
Danica Mathes
Sharon Maus Kuhl
Alejandro Mayorkas
Lauren McCarthy
Irene Hosford and Robert McLaughlin
Kassie and Michelle McLaughlin
Melissa and Barry McNeil
Jon McNeil
Lori McWilliams
Rudy and Diana Melendez
Eli and Karen Mercado
Astrid Merriman
Bill and Terry Methenitis
Pam and David Meyercord
Cliff and Barbara Miercort
Kathy Miller
Anna Mireles-Velarde
Charlotte Moody
Jesi Moore
Deborah Moore
Alicia Morgan
Marc Moseley
Colleen Murray
Ruth Mutch
Yasmine and Jimmy Muzaffar
David Newland
Catherine Nodurft
Alfreda and Joe Norman
Sonya Odell
Catherine Pace
Martha Palacios
Rina and Apurva Parikh
Susan Parker
Daniel and Ana Luisa Patino
Jonathan Peck
John Perry
Hattie Peterson
Connie Petticrew
Josh Pinto
Carleen Pirro

Pat Porter
Mark and Marti Powles
Elizabeth Price
Caren Prothro
J. Michael Putman
Sonya and Joseph Radtke
Nigel Redmond
Margie Reese
Mike and Ettore Regalzi
Tiffany Reinders
Keshia Reynolds
Betty Richie
Carol Riddick and Frank Riddick, III
Daryl and Darleen Robertson
Emily Robinson
Eileen and Harvey Rosenblum
Andrew Ross
Elise Roth
Richard and Vanessa Rowan
Jill Ruse-Peterson
Ginger and Rod Sager
Amit Walia and Vineeta Salvi
Byron and Celeste Sanders
Jan Sanders
Ketric and Christa Sanford
Rodney Schlosser
Sharon and Richard Schoech
Sonja McGill and Ron Schulz
Richard, Enika, Enika and Richard Schulze
David Schulze
Armond and Cindy Schwartz
Mary Scott
Jan Self
Boski Sharma
Meg Fitzpatrick and Will Shelton
William Siegel
Terri and Steven Simoni
Shanna Sims-Bradish
Darwin and Myra Smith
Randall Smith
Josephine Smith
Monty Smith
Martha Smither
Samuel Solomon
Steven Sonday
Jill Elliot-Sones and Christopher Sones
Roger and Marianne Staubach
Abbie Kopf and Brian Stewart
Tommy Stockton
Norma and Don Stone
Joseph and Connie Stout
James and Nancy Strong
Tammie Sturgis
Kevin Sullivan
Danita Summers
Brenda Tae
Douglas Taylor
Christine and Scott Teagle
Sarah Saldaña and Don Templin
DeLeyne True
Holly Tucker
Audrey Van Buren
Jay Veal
Michael VealeLindsay Willess and Jose Velez
Judy Vetter
Thomas Leatherbury, Esq. and Patricia Villareal
Karim and Cathy Virani
Zannie and Glenn Voss
Giles Davidson and Dan Waldmann
Phyllis and Lonnie Walker
Iddah Wangondu
Ed Meier and Amy Ward-Meier
Eric Warninghoff
James Webb
Jim Welch
Diallo West
Jane Wetzel
Patricia and Emory White
Virginia and Mark Whitelaw
Larry and Mary Lou Whitt
Donna Wilhelm
Catherine Williams
Richard Wills
Michael Wimbish
John Wood
Brian and Tamara Woodchek
Scott Woods