The Value of Creativity: Why Creativity?

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Most often when one thinks of creativity an artist, actor, sculptor or other traditional fine arts related professions and disciplines comes to mind. But creativity lies within all of us, how we work, how we communicate, the choices we make and process information. Creativity is everywhere, part of our everyday and most of all a process of beginning, beginning again and when given the freedom to explore, it continues to evolve.

The 2019 Forbes Most Important Job Skills for the Future list places “creativity” as number five, while LinkedIn rates the skillset as number one. Other recent studies, like Gallup‘s recent report on Creativity in Learning, states the importance of developing, or “redeveloping one’s creative skill set” and design thinking. Whereas art disciplines are highly imperative and oftentimes the foundation of all learning, particularly fundamental learning, research and data shows that the ability to think creativity is essential in the future workplace. 

More than 30 years ago Big Thought was established as an arts education organization to supplement the death/removal of arts instruction in school. Fast forward, our programs include are designed to strengthen the creative muscle of youth, develop social and emotional skills and well-being as discover and shape their authentic voice.

Big ThoughtThe Value of Creativity: Why Creativity?

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