Armando Banchs

Armando Banchs

Director of College and Careers Programs

As Director of College & Career Programs, Armando Banchs manages & creates curriculum, partnerships, budgeting, as well as facilitates internal and external collaborations for the programs in his division: The Fellowship Initiative – Dallas, FWISD Alternative Education Design School, Promise Champions, and other partnerships with local colleges, universities and career access possibilities for our city’s youth and their families.

Armando has worked as an advocate for Youth, Education and Leadership in Dallas and Arlington, for the past twenty years. He brings his skills as an educator, artist, mentor, curriculum designer, and program manager to Big Thought.  His diverse experiences include teaching for Dallas ISD and Arlington Classics Academy, mentoring at risk youth in after-school programming, administrating after-school academic, mentoring, and Arts programs, mentoring student teachers from area universities, teaching adult citizenship night classes, and creating district curriculum for writing initiatives.

Armando received Campus Teacher of the Year for both Dallas ISD campuses, awarded grant money for the Dallas Theater Center Project Discovery – Young Patrons Program, created a cooperative with SMU School of Education, and awarded MET Teacher (Measure of Effective Teaching) from the Bill and Melinda Gates

Foundation for 2010 – 2013.  Designated as Dallas Holocaust Museum’s Teacher Consult 2010-2012. He received his Bachelor of Science from the School of Psychology and Education in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of North Texas. And is currently working on his Master of Education Innovation from St. Edwards University.

Armando’s career goals are to attain his Doctorate in Education with a focus on Higher Education, which will help him to continue to create opportunities and bridge programs for our Dallas & surrounding cities’ Youth and communities to fight the income/education wealth sustainment gap; and work with our historically minoritized populations within Dallas & partner cities to dismantle systems of oppression stemming from racist policies & ignorance of the diversity that these population bring in creativity and ingenuity that will help our economy grow and our city, state and country compete in the global economy.

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