Learning Pathways Project Cohort

Join the 2020 Learning Pathways Project Cohort

The Learning Pathways Project is a city-wide effort, powered by the hundreds of partners that make up Dallas City of Learning.

Big Thought aspires to help youth connect skills developed during out-of-school experiences to the pursuit of a college degree, career certificate, or entrepreneurial venture, and ultimately a livable wage. This effort will require the community to come together to recognize the skills that youth have, while also advocating for and enabling skills development.

Our efforts

Over the last year, Big Thought has taken on a strategic design effort to better understand how we might be able to create more visibility into the skills that young people are developing out of school. Our hunch is that digital badges, credentialing mechanisms that are housed and managed online, are the tools we can use to create more visibility.

Starting in Spring of 2020, we are gathering a small group of DCoL partners to participate in the next phase of the Learning Pathways Project.

Members of the Learning Pathways Project 2020 Cohort will have the opportunity to:

  • Work with Big Thought to create digital badges that represent the skills young people are developing in your program.
  • Receive access to and training on the digital badge platform.
  • Participate in regular feedback sessions with members of the Big Thought team and members of the cohort.
  • Assisting in resource identification and development
  • Join a community of thought leaders who want to change the future of learning.

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Learn More

Existing programming for youth age 13+ with name and contact information on attendees, preferably programs which have minimum of 20 attendees and maximum of 40. Frequency/dosage of the programming can vary.

Access to youth age 13+.

Time to commit to 1 hour per week to the pilot program during badge development process.

Time to commit to a monthly check in meeting.

Strategic consulting and added thought leadership to aid in continuous improvement of your programs.

Networking with high performing non profit organization leaders.

Listing as a founding pilot member for external white papers and presentations connected to the Learning Pathways pilot.