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By, Christian Morales

What is one thing every person has, but might not know how to use? A voice. In some way or form, everyone can express themselves. As a matter of fact, some of the most impactful voices are the ones we either refuse to acknowledge or ones that can’t physically be heard.

As an alumnus of both the Creative Solutions and Artivism programs that both host an original play at the end of the program, I myself have been one of those voices. Having the chance to speak my piece through the arts on subjects such as social equity, anti-bullying, and various racial issues; my fellow cast members and I have been able to open the minds of many.

Since November I’ve been working with Big Thought as the Youth Development Correspondent. Having the opportunity to write articles about different social injustice issues and staff events from my point of view that later get posted here on the Big Thought website. My ultimate goal in this position is to get people to realize how much youth voices matter as well as motivate them to achieve their goals and above all else, smile.

There’s no other type of positive pressure that can sway a person to act on their goals like the type given off by someone younger than you. Being that young voice once upon a time myself, I’ve seen how much the words of teens and adolescents can speak volumes in the presence of adults.

In conclusion, I want readers to understand that everyone – no matter what race, ethnicity, or gender – has some type of story to tell.

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