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Featured Programs

Dallas Arboretum

Great Contributors Exhibit Program - During School Day

This special-exhibit program focuses on the lives and times of eight historic figures, including Shakespeare, Lincoln and the Wright Brothers - all artfully cast in bronze and placed throughout the garden. Each student receives an interactive exhibit guide and explores the art, culture and history o...

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Dallas Historical Society

Mollie Bailey: Circus Queen of Texas

This is a first person interpretation/performance of the life and experiences of Mollie Bailey, who served as a nurse and spy for Hood's Texas Brigade during the Civil War. As a young woman, Mollie Bailey, "Circus Queen of the Southwest," eloped with Gus Bailey, who played the cornet in his father's...

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Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Youth Concert- The Beat Goes On

Put your finger on the heartbeat of the orchestra, with a program featuring a history of percussion in the orchestra, from drums first borrowed from the military band to exotic instruments utilized by contemporary composers. The most fun-loving group of musicians in the orchestra guides us on a mult...

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Dallas Heritage Village

Town and Country: Grades 1-2

Does where you live change how you live? Explore our Victorian Village and learn all about the people of rural and urban Dallas at the turn of the century. How did you earn money? How was it spent? Did the town and the country need each other? Why?...

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Geometric Picasso Inspired Animals

Participants will learn how Pablo Picasso used geometric shapes to create works of art. They will then use cardboard and cut out geometric shapes to construct the animal of their choice with challenges such as using all their cardboard pieces and making it three dimensional....

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Puppetry by Sandy Shrout-Big Thought Artist

"Pecos Bill: A Tall Texas Tale" Storytelling with Puppetry by Sandy Shrout

A rooting, tooting, (but no shooting) good time. Come see the original Texas cowboy, Pecos Bill as he rides the twister, befriends the rattlesnake, howls with the coyote, invents the very first rodeo, tames the wild mustang, herds the cattle, carve out the Rio Grande River, and he faces a real cha...

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Children's Aquarium at Fair Park

Aquarium Close-Ups: Predator Instincts; 4th-5th Grade

Predators come in all shapes and sizes, from the tiny dragonfly nymph to the mighty shark! Discover how aquatic predators utilize different mechanisms to capture their prey in this exploration based program that includes live education animals. (Reservations cannot be made during the dates of the S...

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Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture

Pioneer Days

Learn about the culture in the early days of Dallas’ history and compare it with modern day society. Students will learn how settlers adapted the physical area; what their basics needs were and how those needs were met; community leaders who helped shape Dallas and what life was like in the early da...

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The Writer's Garret

Work of Art! (K - 5th Grades)-residency

Literature is the most inspiring art form because it is the root of what defines an art from; from dancing to music to acting, they all tell a story.“Work of Art” links creative writing with other arts and disciplines to give students a “double-exposure” that is more than just the sum of its parts. ...

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