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Featured Programs

Chefsville Kids

Chefsville-Kids: Energy (Assembly Program) On Campus

Students discover the exciting and incredible world of cooking, health, and nutrition through the passions of a real Chef as they see how to apply Science. Energy is the focus for this workshop. Students will work with several types of yeast dough to learn the relationship between matter and ene...

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The Writer's Garret

Playmaking (6th-8th Grades)-residency

Students work collaboratively through the playwriting and production process. They create characters, develop a plot, hold auditions for casting, direct, and act in a play performed for fellow students, family, and the community....

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The Writer's Garret

BookMarks! It's the First day of School Charlie Brown

Sally is so nervous about starting school that she begins her countdown to class an entire month ahead of time. After reading the book, participants will discuss their anxieties about the upcoming first day of school. After sharing their feeling and ideas, participants will conduct interviews with a...

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Pep It Up

PEP IT UP! Technology, Internet Safety, STEM College and Career Awareness - On Campus Program

PEP IT UP! will work with Parents and their Students on using technology devices safely(smart phones, tablets, xbox, ipads, ipods), working on their computer/laptop basic skills, monitor and understand how to stay safe and secure with online activities, sharing the message to STOP and THINK before y...

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Dawn's Early Light

Martial Arts Meets Boot Camp * 9-12 grade - Residency

Martial Arts trains both the mind and the body. We provide a rigorous environment where high school students can focus on both the mental discipline and the physical power of this practice. Students learn self-defense, kidnapping prevention and bullying prevention skills, which make the program a pe...

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Le Theatre de Marionette - Big Thought Artist

Le Theatre de Marionette's Hansel and Gretel On Campus

The award-winning Le Theatre de Marionette’s troupe of puppeteers performs the well-known fairytale classic “Hansel and Gretel”. This 35-minute adaptation is presented in the short-strung or cabaret format and features visible, black-clad puppeteers using clever scenery and over a dozen beautiful, h...

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Camp Fire

Wise Kids Outdoors Two

Wise Kids Outdoors encourages outdoor exploration. Wise Kids Outdoors Two goes one step further into a child’s understanding of nature and environmental stewardship while reinforcing the importance of eating right and being physically active. Program content dives deeper into nature concepts – suc...

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Fine Arts Chamber Players

Escape from Couch Potato Land with the Dream Collectors

The award winning Dream Collectors present “Escape from Couch Potato Land” an original musical comedy play that inspires kids to get fit and healthy. Bo and Gretchen use original songs, dance, story, magic, juggling, comedy, and lots of audience participation to teach kids about the importance of i...

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International Museum of Cultures

"A Day in the Life" International Discovery Box - On Campus

What kinds of items would someone from another culture find in your room? Would the items represent who you are as a person, what you believe, or what country you're from? Everyday anthropologists and archaeologists analyze how everyday objects reflect the people who own them. This Discovery Box inc...

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