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Welcome, Teachers and Educators!

Thank You

Thank you for the work you do every day to help shape the minds of our learners. You wake up before the sun and often stay long after it sets because you care deeply about the young people you work with every day. You want learners to thrive, and so do we. Together, we can make an even greater impact. We can reach more youth, improve our programs and better uplift our communities.


Big Thought recognizes that for learners to thrive, they need more resources than traditional school programming can provide on its own. We are excited to come alongside our educators and support the work you’re doing with resources and programs that can help students unlock their potential. Together with community partners, we provide our educators with tools, programs, field trips and activities that increase access to imaginative, high-quality learning experiences for our learners.

How We Work

Learning Partners

Learning Partners is a coalition of Dallas community leaders that provides educators with access to pre-screened, curriculum aligned, high-quality programs to Dallas ISD elementary schools. Through Dallas ISD funding, every elementary school in the district receives funding for the procurement of fine arts and cultural activities in the classroom and on field trips.

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