After-School Site Specialist

Purpose Statement

Directly provide a safe, caring and enriching environment for groups of children participating in an in-school or after-school program. Assist with supervision and engagement of students in youth development and activities. Coordinate program services through instructors, exploration coaches, and partner providers.

About Big Thought

Big Thought exists to ensure that all youth in marginalized communities are equipped to imagine and create their best lives and a better world. For over three decades in Dallas, Big Thought has worked with local and national partners to bring tailored creative learning opportunities to elementary, middle, and high school students and set them on a path to success through programs geared to unlock their full potential. Our commitment to closing the opportunity gap is stronger than ever, with a strategic vision that includes youth voice.

Big Thought brings relentless optimism, innovation and imagination to everything we do. Youth are paramount and we use a collaborative, all hands on deck approach to ensure that they are served well.

Additionally, everyone at Big Thought is asked to do whatever is needed to support our initiatives and events. If you are flexible and thrive in a dynamic environment, Big Thought jobs provide interesting and challenging opportunities to make a difference.

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Essential Job Duties

  • Lead the day to day operations of programming and the supervision of staff at program site.
  • Responsible for the supervision, safety and grouping of children at all times, including arrival and departure procedures and taking attendance.
  • Keep a consistent headcount of all children present and immediately communicate any changes with all other staff.
  • Assist the Program Manager and/or Instructors with planning and activities.
  • Utilize basic classroom management skills.
  • Periodically develop and initiate instruction of creative activities and games.
  • Communicate positively and effectively with children, parents, staff, and supervisors.
  • Help prepare for and clean up after activities.
  • Inspect and maintain facilities and equipment for safety purposes prior to each activity.
  • Assist in the planning and facilitation of culminating events, performances, and other program-related events, including holiday celebrations.
  • Responsible for financial transactions on behalf of the site, which may include buying miscellaneous supplies, staying within budget guidelines, and tracking expenses and submitting receipts to the Program Manager.
  • Coordinate and manage the collection of assessment and student data and enter the data as directed by the Program Manager or other Big Thought Staff.
  • Demonstrate consistent positive interaction with all children, treating them with dignity and respect.
  • Articulate clear expectations and hold children accountable for abiding by them.
  • Help children develop a positive self-esteem and sense of self-worth.
  • Model and utilize teachable moments to reinforce appropriate social skills.
  • Report to Program Manager.

General Job Duties and Expectations

  • Represent Big Thought by valuing diversity, creativity and innovation.
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to working with young people, especially those in diverse communities and neighborhoods across the DFW area.
  • Act as a role model for youth by following all rules, regulations, and policies of Big Thought and relevant partners based on location, as well as directives from superiors.
  • Be responsible and reliable; follow attendance policies as defined by leadership.
  • Demonstrate professionalism by complying with applicable uniform and/or dress code.
  • Develop skills and share best practices by attending and participating in team meetings and relevant professional development opportunities offered by Big Thought.
  • Demonstrate commitment to implementing Big Thought instructional strategies.
  • Collaborate with Big Thought staff on related duties as assigned.
  • Perform other functions that may be assigned by Big Thought leadership.
  • Be willing and able to travel to Big Thought locations in the DFW area.
  • Be flexible to work a varying or assigned schedule. Hours of work may vary by program/site and occasionally require evenings and weekends.
  • Adapt as needed and requested to meet program and situational needs.

Required Qualifications/Skills


  • High school diploma required. College coursework in recreation, child development, or a related field is preferred.


  • Experience working with children is required.
  • Experience in the area of creative arts instruction is preferred.

Other Requirements:

  • Ability to safely and successfully manage elementary, middle school, or high school age students depending on program assignment.
  • Ability to organize and lead basic art, music, drama, recreation or STEAM programming, including managing supplies.
  • Ability to build positive rapport with co-workers and work in a team/collaborative setting
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) is a plus.
  • Ability to read/respond to e-mails and text messages in a timely manner.
  • Basic first aid skills (training will be provided by Big Thought).
  • Consent to a background check via fingerprinting and FC Background, which is required based on school district policy. Clearances are conducted and renewed annually.
  • Ability to provide three personal or professional references.

Additional Information

Position Type:

Part-time, temporary, not to exceed 30 hours per week on average. Time of work will coincide with training requirements and hours of program operation and may include occasional evenings and weekends.


The Site Coordinator will have regularly scheduled evaluations with the Senior Program Manager.

Big Thought jobs are hands on and can be physically demanding.  To perform the duties of these roles successfully, you may regularly be required to: sit, stand, or stare at computer screen for long periods of time; participate in external activities; use various office equipment, some manual; work in environment with loud sounds, multiple distractions and interruptions; be exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures on occasion; maintain emotional control during stressful situations

NOTE: This job description is not an employment agreement or contract. The CEO and/or designee has the exclusive right to alter this job description at any time without notice.

Employees of Big Thought are expected, as required in their specific job functions, to participate in activities, meetings, and committees; to interact and work cooperatively in order to accomplish various goals; to represent one’s self and Big Thought in a positive, professional manner; and to safeguard sensitive or confidential information from intentional or unintentional disclosure.

Employees are expected to maintain current working knowledge of policies, procedures and guidelines necessary to answer work-related questions and to provide assistance in a timely and courteous manner. Employees are also expected to perform other duties as may be assigned by their supervisor and to contribute to the team efforts of the department and to assist the organization in achieving its strategic goals.

Employees must abide by all laws, Big Thought policies and guidelines.


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