Read Our Statement and a Dallas Morning News Article About TX House Bill 3979

Our collective history is a fundamental element of building a more perfect union. History is a critical part of who we all are. 

House Bill 3979 takes us backwards on the journey to a more equitable society. 

At Big Thought, we believe it’s critical to be rooted in truth. 


Because if we do not face the truth of who we were and are today, we run a real risk of repeating the mistakes of our past. If we are not transparent about our history, we will miss the opportunity for the meaningful, informed discussions that are vital to shaping a better and more enlightened tomorrow. Knowing the fullness of our collective identity — the beautiful stories as well as those where harm was caused — is the first step to the fullest manifestation of what we hold as our ideals.

Healing from enslavement, segregation, and other inequities begins with facing the truth and understanding the basics of systemic racism. An equitable and just society can only come from accepting truth and then examining it to design a roadmap forward so we can build better political, economic, and cultural institutions. 

Deliberate exclusion of the stories that represent our students of color — who already lack representation in our curricula — does not help us close the opportunity gap … it exacerbates it. 

House Bill 3979 takes us many steps backwards in a time when we must be stepping forward and into the light of TRUTH and pushing our education system toward that end. 

House Bill 3979 puts blinders on our youth and handcuffs our teachers. It will have a negative impact for generations to come. 

We can’t become an anti-racist society by ignoring our history — we have to face it head on. And we owe it to our youth to equip them with the knowledge they need to become informed and engaged citizens. 

Big Thought stands by our youth — which means we support our educators, administrators, and districts that strive to create inclusive and equitable classrooms. Youth thrive when we ensure the greatness they already have seeded inside is nurtured with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Let’s not hold them and ourselves back from imagining and creating all of our best lives and world.

There’s healing in truth. There’s power in truth.

Standing for truth and knowledge,

Byron Sanders
President & CEO
Big Thought

Danica Mathes
Chair, Board of Directors
Big Thought

Hollie Neal Morgan
Chair-Elect, Board of Directors
Big Thought

Read the full Dallas Morning News article here.