Report on Innovative Practices For Funding Nonprofits Shines Spotlight on Big Thought

The Blueprint for Enterprise Capital makes the case to foundations, major donors, corporations and other funders of social enterprises that enterprise-level grants and investments—in essence, funding that comes with fewer strings and aims to strengthen the organization overall—represents the most effective form of funding to support the work and expand the impact of grassroots nonprofits. Written by Andrea Levere, President Emerita of Prosperity Now, with support from five research assistants at the
Yale School of Management, it explains how “enterprise capital” strengthens grantees’ resilience, and it gives funders detailed guidance on how to adopt this practice themselves.

The Blueprint features four case studies that show how enterprise capital fuels the launch, growth and impact of nonprofits and social enterprises—and what these organizations can lose when they don’t receive it. Big Thought is proud to have served as one of the organizations profiled.

Read the Big Thought Case Study

Read the Full Blueprint for Enterprise Capital