Greg MacPherson

Chief Big Thought Institute Officer

Greg MacPherson is the chief Big Thought Institute officer for Big Thought. In this position, Greg oversees the development of high-quality in school and out of school time enrichment programs for students throughout the city of Dallas. He also serves as a key leader for the Big Thought Institute, which provides professional learning, curriculum design and consultation services to help other nonprofits and organizations teach, develop and create. In his position, Greg works closely with parents, schools, community groups and partner organizations to ensure creative learning opportunities are available to children and families.

Greg joined Big Thought in 2010 after spending three years with the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA), where he worked with the Thriving Minds initiative and other community programs. Greg was also the director of performing arts and marketing for the Classics Theater & Art for Children and is a founding ensemble member of Second Thought Theatre. Greg holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and theater performance from Baylor University.

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