Sean Walker

Program Manager, The Fellowship Institute

Sean’s history at Big Thought stretches back to 2008, when he joined the organization as a volunteer during his senior year of high school. After working with the nonprofit as a site guide and teaching artist, in 2017, he became the program manager for The Fellowship Initiative, a leadership program that helps develop young men of color for college-readiness.

For Sean, it’s the perfect position, one that gives him the chance to share opportunities with young people of color through quality programming and community-building. Although TFI places a heavy focus on academics, it’s also about providing support, exposure and opportunities, and Sean values the chance to help TFI fellows grow as well as create a tight-knit community.

His previous experience with programs like Thriving Minds After School has taught him the importance of recognizing that no one has all the answers, and young people are experts on their own needs. Sean’s willingness to both listen and adapt has helped him excel as TFI program manager and expand the impact of the program. He also remembers his own experiences navigating the college space and hopes to offer as much wisdom and guidance as possible.

Born and raised in the Dallas neighborhoods of Pleasant Grove and Oak Cliff, Sean graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Emerging Media and Communications.

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