(A)LIVE is a campus and hub-based after-school poetry club.

(A)LIVE focuses on enhancing the interpersonal skills of youth while sparking their unique creativity, strengthening their poetic technique and equipping young leaders with the verbal vision to Create Great.


We encourage youth to practice self-exploration and channel their creativity into poetical masterpieces through direct collaboration with professional poetry artists. Each student is challenged to practice introspection, healthy expression, and fearlessness through poetry while discovering their personal truths and the power of their voice. 

how it works

(A)LIVE provides an avenue for students to strengthen social and interpersonal skills while encouraging them to channel their individual agency with a SEL and “Art is Healing” foundation.

By taking key components of the art, such as rhythm, repetition, and pace, and identifying the internal feelings they experience through external elements in the world, whether it is something as simple as the stagnation in blinking red traffic lights, or peace in a moment of pause in one’s day-to-day life — youth find meaning and message in the movement, their own interpretation!


Through (A)LIVE, youth are supported with the space and tools needed to discover the passions of their hearts and minds–gaining confidence to practice their own self-expression and create their best lives and world as the Creators of tomorrow, today.