Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions is an arts-as-workforce intervention program for adjudicated youth, ages 10-17.

Trauma informed methodology

Once a young person is convicted of a crime, the opportunity gap widens exponentially, making it even more difficult for youth to chart their own path. More than 75% of youth in the juvenile system have experienced traumatic victimization such as physical abuse, domestic violence, and traumatic neglect, leaving them ever more vulnerable for mental health disorders and post-traumatic stress.

Tapping into greatness

Creative Solutions uses visual, performing and digital arts to help adjudicated youth tap into their inherent greatness by improving job skills, promoting a positive self-image and increasing social and emotional development. Creative Solutions has worked with some 14,000 Dallas youth over a quarter-century, and, since 2007, Southern Methodist University has hosted the summer program.


60% In Texas, more than 60 percent of juvenile offenders end up in trouble again within three years of probation or release.
1106 youth served annually
10% recidivism rate over 8 years, as compared to average of 38% for other intervention programs

On average, individual social skills improved by:









Participating in Creative Solutions:

Sessions are offered year-round at Dallas County Juvenile facilities for youth assigned there. The summer intensive program takes place over seven weeks in the summer, and youth are referred by their parole officer.

How To Support Creative Solutions:

We would love for you to support this important work that helps adjudicated youth tap into their greatness. Donations can be made safely and securely online, and you can designate your gift specifically for this program.

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