Thriving Minds

Thriving Minds is after school and summer programming for elementary and middle school aged youth.

This program focuses on social and emotional learning, creative exploration and expression, and an inclusive learning environment, all tied to academic outcomes.

Impact of thriving minds

1625 Youth served annually
237530 Student learning hours annually
48% of students improved their math grades
49% of students improved their reading grades
87% of students demonstrate teacher reported improvements in behavior
48% of students see positive gains on overall social and emotional learning

Participating in Thriving Minds:

Thriving Minds is offered at specific campuses, and you can apply online.

Which campuses offer Thriving Minds?

Apply for Thriving Minds here.

How To Support Thriving Minds:

We would love for you to support this important work. Donations can be made safely and securely online, and you can designate your gift specifically for this program.

Make a gift directly to Thriving Minds.

Join Thriving Minds

Instructors are hired throughout the year. Check our Careers page to see current opportunities.

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